Welcome to Tumbled: the internet’s only Parkinson’s rom-com.

After 25 years away Emma returns to her home town.

A place she swore she’d never set foot in again…except it happens to be where the love of her life lives.

Now she must navigate moving two small children the length of the country, find a place to live, reconnect with old friends, make new ones, adapt to the awful weather, find a way to feed herself and discover whether she and her love are meant to be.

Oh, Emma also discovers she has Parkinson’s.

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What folks are saying about Tumbled:

Oh my god, just read it! Laughing, crying, stressing with you … and then the last few lines  Fabulous! Can’t wait for next week! - SGL

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The internet's only Parkinson's rom-com. Serialised memoir.


Emma Stubbs
Writer, artist, idler, wine drinker and owner of a disease called Parkinson’s.